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FREEDOM GLOBAL TRADE LTD (hereinafter – Company) is a large steel and petroleum seller. Company makes deliveries of products to all regions of the country and beyond. Products of Company are used in all climate zones of the planet. Wide geography of rolled shipments requires high quality products and adequately customer service. Company owns its own vessels, which allows fast delivery of the product to the client. 

Company great attention for quality of all products. The products are certified in compliance not only with the requirements of national standards of our country but other states. With extending of the geography of markets, where products of Company are represented, we carry out annual certification of our products on international level. Company has certificates of rebar, section and shape rolled products for compliance with the requirements of national standards of a number of countries: 

♦ Germany ♦ Italy ♦ Romania ♦ UK ♦ Belgium ♦ Belarus ♦ UAE ♦ KSA ♦ Israel ♦ Columbia ♦ France ♦ Bulgaria ♦ India ♦ Lithuania ♦ Netherlands ♦ Turkey ♦ USA 

 For more details about products certifications contact us.

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